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We take pride in our team and the work they do; each member of our team has a passion for recovery and genuinely care about our clients.  We have over 20 service professionals and office staff available to make the recovery journey as successful as possible. Our team’s 149 combined years of experience and professional accreditation’s allow us to provide more services than traditional treatment centers.

Each team member has an individual passion for recovery;

we work to help our clients identify issues and provide the best evidence-based treatment available.

Recovery Unlimited All Staff


Dawn Martin

Elizabeth "Dawn" Martin

Owner, Member Manager | CAS


I started Recovery Unlimited in 2000 after I received my Certified Addiction Counselor III (CACIII); at first I was operating out of a one room office, which has grown to two facilities, and 25 staff members serving over 500 clients. I am so proud of the quality of our staff and their passion for recovery and truly caring about our clients. Some of them have been with us for almost a decade. I enjoy supervising up and coming clinicians who are learning and excited to become part of the healing process. Helping others is my purpose in life.

Jessica Blount

Clinical Director | LPC LAC

I enjoy helping clients heal and being able to provide a safe space to express themselves and feel validated without judgement. I want to help people and make a difference in my community; I want to help ease the emotional burdens and empower others and guide them through dark times.

Casey Pittman

Operations Manager | CAS

I love inspiring and helping others in creative ways that can assist with their personal journey. At times it feels like this career field chose me; I knew I always wanted to work with others, and after my internship 9 years ago, I have dedicated my life to it ever since.

Donnie Fennimore

Senior Administrator, Billing Coordinator


Recovery Unlimited has a great atmosphere and I enjoy working with people who really care. I started this work because I wanted to help others find that there is hope to change their lives no matter how bad it has been in the past.

Tina Campbell

Senior Administrative Assistant

It is a privilege and a blessing that I am currently in a position where I can help people change their lives. The best part of my job is seeing individuals progress over their treatment and successfully take back their lives from addiction.

Erin Lapioli

Human Resources, DUI Coordinator, CAS

I have worked at Recovery Unlimited for the last three years. I work in this field because I just want to help people. I love to see the ah-ha moment come across a client’s face and know they have have just changed their life.

Clinical Team

Emily Berger


I really like our team mentality at Recovery Unlimited and I love seeing the clients make progress and experience healing. I believe our mental, emotional, and spiritual health has a profound impact on our lives and our choices. I believer that to fight for mental health is to be “in the trenches” of future generations.

Catherine Blackmore


I love the people I work with at Recovery Unlimited and the clients I get to talk to every day. I seek to inspire and create change, to step alongside clients in their journey and to have a variety in my work life.

Austyn Boudreaux


The best part about my job here is watching others grow and assisting them through that process. I believe it is important to help people that may otherwise be stigmatized by society.

John Henson


I have been in this career field for 15 years; I enjoy working with the clients.

Mike Hillstrom


I enjoy having the opportunity to meet new people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. This work is important and extremely challenging, which is why I enjoy what I do.

Ben Leary


I have been in Addiction Counseling for a short time, but have extensive experience in the mental health field. I became a counselor to help others navigate the difficult process of becoming sober and experiencing the wonderful world of sobriety. I love my job when I can see how happy someone is when they are living a new life of sobriety. 


Wallis Luis


I have been in this field for 7 years; I like to believe that transformation is possible and I see it happen every day. I am motivated to help the family system and the individual learn healthy means of dealing with mental health, substance abuse, and emotional difficulties.

Erica Prescott


I really love to help people figure out what’s happening behind their thoughts and emotions that drives behaviors; want to give back to others and hopefully change someone else’s life.

Kathryn Shreve


I have been with Recovery Unlimited for four years; I value being able to stand alongside clients and feel honored to have client share different parts of themselves as they develop tools for accessing their “wise minds” to enhance personal growth and change in addiction. I love our team of professionals who value ethics and client care. I am privileged to stand by our clients and instill hope and a vision for something different.

Amanda Sundeen


I enjoy working with a variety of populations and clients who have co-occurring disorders. There are so many people who believe there is no hope for them and I want to change that. I want to empower others to take back control of their lives and become the best version of themselves.

Elishia Salazar


I am a full time student until I get my Bachelors degree to get licensed as a CAS

I have had personal issues with addiction and to be able to help people to see that they can do it and be sober and live a long healthy sober life.

I get to help a population that society feels is a lost cause and help them to get to a better place.

Shadow Reed


I have only been with Recovery Unlimited for a brief time. Transformative changes can occur in a person’s life every day; I have seen them in myself. As I am pursuing my Ph.D., I became motivated to help family systems and individuals learn ways to cope with mental health, substance abuse, and emotional difficulties through attainable, healthy coping skills. However, I enjoy meeting and collaborating with new individuals along their journeys.  .

Administrative Team

Ryan Jesse

CAS | Director Admissions

It is a privilege and a blessing that I am currently in a position where I can help people change their lives. The best part of my job is seeing individuals progress over their treatment and successfully take back their lives from addiction.

James Meredith

Lab Specialist

I enjoy Recovery Unlimited because of the people and doing this work is rewarding.

Ashley McKnight

Peer Specialist | Lab Specialist

I enjoy connecting people to recovery; it is my passion to inspire and offer hope to those in or seeking recovery from substance use.

Cassandra Sanchez

Case Manager & Intake

I have been working in this field for about 4 years on and off through various opportunities.

I came into this field to help empower others to find their own inspiration to live the life they want away from judgement and the hardships others would place on them. Giving people the opportunity to be better and work towards a life that is their own and not weighed down by addiction.

I enjoy this type of work because I can see the people we help seize the opportunity to be better and work towards a life that is their own and not weighed down by addiction. 

Brooke Jensen

Administraive Assistant | Lab Specialist

I have just started in this field recently, but am currently in school working toward my goal to become a licensed counselor. I decided to go into this field to help people with their substance issues. 

Medical Team

Jacqui Jordan

Nurse Practitioner

I enjoy watching people improve their lives. I take addiction services personally, which is why I work in this field.

Tiffany Hollis


I have been in the medical field for going on 5 years now. I got into the medical field because i enjoy helping others and if I made at least one person smile I  know I helped even just a little bit because sometimes all someone needs is a smile and a helping hand. I enjoy what i do because its not a job for the gentle hearted but to be gentle and patient while helping and seeing light come back to peoples eyes makes everything worth it.

Tarah Thevenot

Nurse Practitioner

I have been an NP for 1 year with primary care experience being my background. Being in the Psych field is completely new to me but it is where my true passion lies due to being able to truly make a difference in patients’ lives. The biggest factor that made me go into the field was seeing patients come to the hospital that needed more care with addiction and substance abuse that really wanted to change but were not given the resources or time to get help. The biggest benefit I get from stepping into the Psych field is being able to see families reunite and see the drastic change in their lives towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. 


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