Drug Addiction Help in Colorado Springs


Treatment services may include but are not limited to:

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Adjunct treatment services may include but are not limited to:

Help with alcohol or opioid dependence?

Vivitrol with counseling may help you reduce cravings long enough to gain the skills to live a life free of opioids and/or alcohol.

Case Management and/or Parental Coaching Services

A successful outcome for individuals with substance abuse issues is quite difficult because of the components of the disease. Most individuals seeking treatment, whether adult or adolescents, are presented with varying levels of denial as to if a problem truly exists for them. While some individuals verbally acknowledge the need to change their behavior, the true commitment for change is lacking. Individuals in substance abuse treatment are presented with an array of issues that impede their recovery. Some of these issues include manipulation, avoidance, resistance, crisis creation and relapse. Quality case management is a therapeutic technique to address, regulate, monitor and manage these different behaviors and issues. The case manager’s primary role is to maintain the integrity of the treatment plan, to ensure quality and efficient care delivery, and to hold all parties accountable to the structure and process. The case manager becomes the “enforcer” by allowing the therapists to develop and maintain the therapeutic relationship instead of allowing the relationship to be contaminated by the need to control the participants and environment. Family members are able to focus on creating and establishing healthy skills to support the patient, help rebuild their individual relationships and heal the family system by removing their perceived need to monitor the patient through police enforcement. Case management activities improve the quality of the treatment experience, reduces relapse and recidivism, while creating the environment for a positive outcome for the participants as demonstrated by treatment program completion, continued sobriety and reduction of health costs.