Family Therapy in Colorado Springs


Addiction is a Family Disease



No cost weekly family support group. This group meets weekly for 90 Minutes. This group helps family members learn how to cope more effectively when a loved one is addicted.  Learn the skills to help your family member get the treatment they need. Learn the skills to help yourself if your loved one decides they do not want to get treatment. Learn how to set boundaries and cope with negative emotions such as anger, guilt, and shame.

When someone you love, becomes addicted, it can leave you feeling hopeless and frightened. Often times, you can become addicted to them while attempting to save them. Recovery Unlimited encourages spouses and partners to participate in therapy. It is helpful to assess the intimate relationships, and seek solution for behaviors that may have contributed to ongoing drug/alcohol use. When change is learned and integrated by loved ones, they begin to feel relief as well as becoming a true source of support.

Addiction causes harm and destruction in families so it may be appropriate for all family members to be active in therapy. Family members are educated and supported while identifying and changing the behaviors that have contributed to the addiction cycle. In both individual and group sessions, we facilitate helpful topics that help families comprehend the disease of addiction while supporting themselves and their loved ones through the process. Family members begin to love again, without constant worry.

Don't stop loving them but learn how to love them differently.

Family members can help an addict is by working their own program. Programs may include:

Make a change