Counseling Techniques in Colorado Springs


Mission Statement

We view chemical dependency as a progressive disease that affects the mind, the body, and the spirit of the individual. We believe the highest level of client accountability, along with education and skill development, will interrupt the disease and lead a person to a happy, hopeful, and productive life. We are certain that every person, regardless of income, age, gender, or ethnicity, has a right to be free from the bondage of addiction.


It is our treatment philosophy that chemical dependency is a disease that impacts the addicted individual as well as their families and the entire community. Our approach to treatment involves the family and encourages the affected individual to work towards becoming a productive member of society. We have learned that addicts can recover in an environment that offers consistent directive therapy in an appropriate level of care. Directive therapy guides the client's recovery by teaching firm boundaries and a high level of accountability.

Family members can be shown how to encourage and love the affected individual in a way that will support and enhance a strong recovery.

Becoming chemically dependent doesn't happen overnight and neither does recovery. Each client has a unique life experience and a treatment plan should only be decided after a complete assessment that reveals the individual's needs. Treatment for chemical dependency can last up to two years depending on the severity of the disease and execution of the treatment plan.

We strive for success using evidence-based practices, such as Motivational Enhancement Therapy Cognitive and Dialectal substance abuse therapies, and Behavioral therapy. We encourage 12-step interaction combined with abstinence-based treatment. We strongly defend and practice the disease model of therapy.


Recovery Unlimited provides services to the diverse individual population affected by the disease of addiction. Certified and licensed professionals facilitate group, individual, couples and family therapy sessions to the highest standards of practice. Our treatment team implements evidenced based curricula and continually upgrades training and certifications for each curriculum facilitated to include advanced professional practices by continuing education and treatment upgrades.

We provide all-encompassing behavioral health services for adults and adolescents. Individuals are screened for behavioral health issues and prescribed medication. Individuals are assessed regularly to assure an appropriate and minimal individual requirement of medication management for behavioral health concerns while constantly monitoring and communicating with the individual's possible experiences of negative side effects. Individuals will address both their behavioral health and substance abuse needs simultaneously.